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FAQ - CO Residential Lease Agreement

What is the purpose of CO Residential Lease Agreement?
The purpose of the Residential Lease Agreement is to facilitate the transfer of the Lease Agreement between the Residential Tenancy Branch and the Transfer Agent. The Residential Lease Agreement has been prepared to reflect the Transfer Agent's and Branch's respective rights and duties and obligations under this Act and the Transfer Document. The Residential Lease Agreement does not limit or create any rights for the Residential Tenancy Branch. In this Part: “Transfer Office” means the office described in section 38 of the Act; “Transfer Document” means a written transfer document of a lease relating to the lease term or terms of the Lease; “Transfer Office” is to be substituted for the term “Transfer Agent” as specified in section 13 of the Act; “Transfer Agreement” means a copy of the Transfer Document in which the terms of the Lease have been fully set out and the requirements of the Act have been set out; and, in the case of a Residential Tenancy Branch Lease, the document as a whole. How does the Residential Lease Agreement determine the term and conditions of the Lease Transfer Period? This section sets out the terms that are subject to a transfer of a Lease Agreement. The term and condition of the Transfer Period and the amount of rent to be paid are established by the Residential Lease Agreement. Therefore, the Residential Lease Agreement must include an adjustment to the rent and the amount of rent determined for the period in which a person's legal residence was in the city of Vancouver from the date on which the Residential Lease Agreement commences until the date on which the person's legal residence passes or ceases to hold a legal residence in the city of Vancouver. This adjustment relates to the rate of the rent in accordance with the terms of the Residential Lease and the applicable provisions of the Act. The Residential Lease Agreement must include at least three different rent schedules and this must be in accordance with the provisions set out in section 11(2) in the Act. This section sets out the three different rates of rent for each period, i.e. month, week and day.
Who should complete CO Residential Lease Agreement?
What is a CO Residential Lease for? What types of people can lease from a CCO? What is a CCO Residential Lease? 1. What is a CO Residential Lease? CO Residential Leasing (CCO) is a leasing option provided by Pantalone for homeowners who do not have housing of their own. The Pantalone program offers a simple, flat-rate fee of 30 per month, payable every 12 months. CO Residential Leases are for new homeowners looking to start a small, low-cost rental property, and allow homeowners in certain market areas to rent out their properties to others, such as retirees, for short-term rental. What does it mean to receive a CCO? A CCO is a unique opportunity for homeowners looking for access to the rental segment of the market. CCS are available for new residential properties, so there is less need to negotiate down the price of a property at a closing prior to placing an offer. For property owners, a CCO allows many of the services that they are typically paying for, such as insurance, maintenance and utility bills at the time of approval. 2. What types of homes can I lease from a CCO? A CCO can be obtained for a newly constructed single dwelling or a multi-family rental property. The types of homes eligible for a CCO typically fall into one of two categories: residential and non-residential. Residential, as defined above, is defined as any one-to-five dwelling units located within a development. The total of such units cannot exceed 20% of the total retail units within the development. Non-residential CCS are similar to those for residential properties, except that they are located outside a development. They are subject to some regulatory restrictions imposed by law. For example, a non-residential CCO would not be eligible for financing from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) or any form of government loan guarantee or program. A non-residential CCO must be suitable, in accordance with local building codes, for at least the following: A. Four residential dwelling units must be on the same lot. B. All 4 units, including the 2 master bedroom units must have adequate indoor spaces for sleeping and living. C.
When do I need to complete CO Residential Lease Agreement?
CO Residential Lease Agreement must be completed prior to the beginning of each term or extended term. For additional information contact CO Residential Lease Office: 408.869.5200. When is the lease due? A lease is due within 45 days, if the term is between two and three years. If the term exceeds three years, the lease must be paid in full at the beginning of the next term. When is due date for the payment of the lease? All lease payments must be made by the last day of the lease period in order to be valid. What are term limits? There are a number of term limits for CO Residential Lease Agreement. Each term is two to three years, the term is one to five years, and the term is six or more years. The term does not apply to leases for new or replacement units built with the City of Palo Alto Public Housing Authority. Term limits are in effect beginning January 1, 2012. For additional information contact CO Residential Lease Office: 408.869.5200 Must a tenant have a valid lease contract in order to be included in the building, townhouse, senior assisted, or DO program? Yes. There are several programs that allow for rent-stabilized housing. The goal of each program is to help tenants who are very low-income but are in need of additional incomes. Are seniors in need of a rental housing opportunity eligible for one of the housing options? Yes, seniors must live on-site in order to participate in housing programs. Can the tenant live in a community property? No, the tenant may not live in a community property if they have been found by the building to have a violation in the lease. The tenant should refer to their lease agreement and check to ensure they have been in compliance with the lease terms. Are there other conditions that must be met? There are other conditions that must be met to be included in the City of Palo Alto Housing Choice Voucher Program or senior assisted. These conditions include a rental history, documentation of income, verification of financial responsibility, verification of criminal records, and confirmation that the tenant has not violated any terms of the lease agreement. All of these are available online at or via an at-a-glance brochure. For additional information contact the Housing Choice Voucher Office at 408.
Can I create my own CO Residential Lease Agreement?
Yes. Call us to order custom residential lease agreements in our office. The contract you are writing is the contract on which we will work. Call to receive a free quote.
What should I do with CO Residential Lease Agreement when it’s complete?
Once you have successfully completed your lease agreement please email or call us at 1.855.971.0022 and one of our Leasing Coordinators will ensure that your information is saved on the tenant file. We would then be happy to help you review the new lease and assist in any necessary adjustments. Why won't the lease officer take my rent deposit back? If your deposit is lost or stolen we will need to contact the police and request that the deposit be returned to us. Can I get a lease officer to re-sign for me? Due to time constraints and the nature of leasing we cannot offer new leases without a deposit and a signed completed lease. My lease officer has signed my lease. When will it be up to me to sign it? If you have a valid lease and a lease agreement with a signed lease you only have two possibilities. Firstly, the lease officer can provide you with a copy of your lease agreement at which time you will simply need to sign the document and send it to your leasing Coordinator on our contact page Alternatively, the lease officer can sign the lease agreement immediately upon the request of you or when you come to the leasing office. The leasing officer will then contact you on a weekly basis to update you on when you will be granted possession of the house (if any) and any other pertinent information. This process will normally take place within the first week in April of the first year in your lease term.
How do I get my CO Residential Lease Agreement?
Once you're registered for the Lease Agreement program, it is easy to get a Residential Lease Agreement. Log in using your login information or email address. For help selecting your Residential Lease Agreement, click on your Login or Email address below and follow the prompts: Once you are logged in, click on the icon in the top right corner of your screen. We will take you to the Residential Lease Agreement page where you will be able to add other people to your Residential Lease. After successfully adding all your other residents, your Residential Lease Agreement will begin, and you will be notified about how to check in. To verify your registration and for other questions regarding the program, please contact the Lease Agreement office at. Once you've created your Residential Lease, you will be able to view and use the tools included with the Residential Lease. You can also review and print any documents submitted to your landlord for approval. Where can I get help from a lawyer to understand and avoid problems with my Residential Lease? The Lease Agreement Program is designed to help you get information about your lease that is best for your situation and your finances. We believe you have a responsibility to understand the details of your contract and to understand how your landlord and/or landlord-tenant agreement is handled. We will help you use the Residential Lease Agreement for your own benefit and to help your situation, but we can't and don't have the capacity to advise you on your individual situation or how a particular landlord/tenant agreement should be executed. This article discusses some issues associated with the Residential Lease Agreement in general, but does not address any specific situation.
What documents do I need to attach to my CO Residential Lease Agreement?
To submit an attachment for our review, please follow the link below to the Residential Lease Agreement attachment template. Once you have completed and submitted this application form, you will be able to upload your documents. Please note that the attachment can be made on a separate page if you so want. CO Residential Lease Application Template How am I required to pay a tenant attachment? A tenant attachment must be paid when it is due. We are required to send our landlord a copy of the attached document(s) within 10 days of the date the attachment is due. The landlord is responsible for the payment of charges such as court costs of any court proceeding, penalties, and attorneys' fees incurred due to a tenant application. If the tenant attachment is not paid as required by our Residential Lease Agreement, you will have to go to court to get the attachment converted to a court date. What is my deadline to pay a tenant attachment? You must pay any tenant attachment that has been submitted by your landlord by the original due date provided on the attachment. If the attachment is not paid by then, you are required to go to court. The court will assign a court date and a fee. What if my landlord refuses to accept my tenant attachment? If your landlord refuses to accept your tenant attachment, you must go to court. The court will assign a court date and a fee. The landlord and tenant can come to a solution. If the court fails to resolve your dispute regarding a tenant attachment, then the landlord can file a request in court for an attachment hearing. The landlord and tenant will have 15 days from the date of court appearance on the attachment fee or attachment date to resolve the underlying tenant grievance before a court date in court. How do I get my landlord to accept my tenant attachment? If your landlord does not accept your tenant attachment, you have the right to file a request in court for an attachment hearing. This can be done on your own or as an added step to our Residential Lease Agreement in addition to any court proceeding. The landlord must be able to show they have good reason to refuse a tenant attachment, and you must show how they are violating the Residential Lease Agreement. Do I have to go to court to obtain a court date? Yes, you must go to court. As explained, the tenant can also bring an attachment request to court.
What are the different types of CO Residential Lease Agreement?
The different types of CO Residential Lease Agreement are: 1. Residential CO Rent. This type of rental is available to qualified individuals who are 18 years of age or older and who do not qualify for the other types of CO Lease Agreement. Residential CO Rent is currently for a maximum term of one year and is subject to applicable state sales and use taxes. 2. CO Mortgages. CO Mortgages are a form of rent that can be purchased with a purchase of a Property. When purchasing a Property, you will receive the purchase price without deduction as a Security Deposit and with an additional payment based on the appraised value of the Property. 3. CO Commercial Lease Agreement. CO Commercial Lease Agreement is the most common type of CO lease. It is available to qualified individuals who are 18 years of age or older and who do not qualify for the other types of CO Lease Agreement. CO Commercial Lease Agreement is subject to applicable state sales and use taxes. 4. CO Mobile Home Lease Agreement. CO Mobile Home Lease is a lease that allows a qualified individual who is 18 years of age or older that own a Mobile Home to rent it out through a CO Mobile Home Agreement. The lease is available for the period of 15 months of occupancy and is provided by using the Mobile Home on a CO Mobile Home Lease. 5. Special CO Application. Special CO Application is for qualified individuals who are over 21 years of age and who do not qualify for any other type of Lease Agreement. All applications must be approved by the Board of Commissioners before being processed. 6. Joint CO Lease Agreement (no other lease types offered) It is available to qualified individuals who are 18 years of age or older and who do not qualify for any other type of Lease Agreement. Joint CO Lease is not eligible for a CO Payment. The CO Payment is available based on the combined gross revenue of both the Lease and the other lease types being offered. Is CO Prices the same as the Prices on the Homeowners Association or Tax Assessor's Website? CO Prices are the prices advertised on your respective Homeowners Association or Tax Assessor's Website. It is important that you understand these prices. If you are looking to invest in a rental property you need to know which CO Price to bid on.
How many people fill out CO Residential Lease Agreement each year?
We received a little under 2,000 rental applications last year. Of those, only 2 were rejected because of a lack of available housing — so there is plenty of rental housing available in the Vancouver area. What about new applications? About 300 or so a month. How many applications were approved? We approve the applications that meet the minimum qualifications set by the BC Ministry of Housing. Our criteria are fairly basic — we check references, read the application, evaluate the rental market and decide if the rental unit is right for you. There are a very few people who get out and try for a unit and get rejected, and that happens in all regions of Canada. However, for any given region of any Canadian jurisdiction, there will always be a large enough pool of applicants to meet the standards for rental application approvals. Are your criteria the same across Canada? Only those that we approve as new applicants. There are no geographical or other restrictions to where applicants may apply or move their units to. We do not look at applicants to ensure they don't have roommates and do not try to place prospective tenants on waiting lists based on their household income. What is the process like for approval? Applicants do not have to complete any paperwork or sign any contracts in order to be approved. They just need to show us the information provided on their application, which is typically a rental application form. Once approved, we will hold their place on our waiting lists for a few months until they have a chance to look for further housing. There are a lot of renters in Vancouver waiting for a place to rent. For those who get approved, they are then notified of their status in person. Are there any rental-only options available? Yes — there are many units available. A number of other municipalities in BC have a similar program which may be more cost-effective. If we are able to find housing for you, we will try to match that with a landlord that is able to offer you the unit. What are some things to keep in mind when entering into a rental agreement? Most apartment rental agreements can be broken either with one month's notice (30 days to 2 weeks for a one-year lease) or if the condition of the unit or the landlord changes so quickly that the tenant does not have a chance to inspect, review and rent the unit in a reasonable time.
Is there a due date for CO Residential Lease Agreement?
The application is based on a 30-day minimum lease. If you have a lease with more than 30 days, you must fill out the lease application and submit it to the property manager(s) in your area. What options are available for a CO Residential Lease agreement? There are two options available: Option 1 : The landlord or tenant can sign the initial agreement in the lease agreement form and bring it to the landlord/property manager in the following order: 1. The Landlord and Manager. Your Landlord/Manager: Address: ____ Business/Location: ____ Telephone Number:________ 2. The Lease Application. The application must be obtained from your Property Manager/Manager at least 7 calendar days prior to the lease starting, or within 7 calendar days of the date when you will take your rental. What are the rental fees for a CO Residential Lease Agreement? The fee will be listed in the lease agreement. It will be based on the rent for the month you are starting to occupy your unit, whether there is a contract or no contract, and the term and length of your lease. To be more precise, the charges for the period of lease will be: 1. Your monthly payments for the full lease term: If no contract: 35 per rental month (this includes security deposit and first month's rent for the full lease term) If there is a contract for a term greater than the rent for the full lease term: 125 per month 1 year, rent: 365.00 per month 2 year, rent: 475.00 per month Is there a non-refundable security deposit for a CO Residential Lease Agreement? The landlord/tenant's security deposit must be non-refundable. You must request and sign for it. If I am renting for a specific term, am I responsible for keeping your property clean and free of insects and rodents? Yes. Your liability for keeping your property clean and free of insects and rodents is limited to the amount of rent you are paying yourself for the space and is based on the nature and extent of the property (including cleaning).
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