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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Free colorado rental leases

Instructions and Help about Free colorado rental leases

Hello the Satori Avandia we have a new property in southern Colorado it's 40 wooded mountain acres with these amazing views of the spanish peaks in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and it has an off-grid cabin already on the property from the property you'll enjoy these breathtaking views of the spanish peaks and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains these are recent photos of the property taken within the last week or so property is covered with lots of dense mature trees including ponderosa pines and there's an off-grid cabin already on the property you can see the solar panels right here here's another view of the cabin and then there's also a wood-burning stove and a satellite dish that could be used for cable Internet and telephone this is the interactive map of the parcel highlighted here in green the cabins right about here and here you can see the road access now there are two different ways to get to the property this is County Road 40.2 to the west you enter this gate right here and this will take you up to the property and then there's another entrance right here this is County Road 40 and you can come up to the property this way so there's two ways to get to the property if we go back to our interactive map and zoom out a little bit go over here to the map legend turn on the map features and then turn those roads on you can see where this property is located in relationship to interstate 25 interstate 25 is right here just to the east of the property and you can take either this exit here or this exit here and that will lead you to these roads that then take you up to the property if we zoom out just a little bit further right up here is the town of Aguilar down here you have the city of Trinidad with a population around 10,000 there's Trinidad Lake in the Trinidad Lake State Park right up here you have walls and Berg if you go a little further north you have Pueblo right here which is a population 110,000 then you have Colorado Springs right here population around half a million and then Denver population over a million so it's just to the west of 25 so you've got really easy access to the property yet all this privacy and seclusion being on top of this mountain with all these mature trees this is the contour map you can see the lay of the land there the elevation at the peak point here is about 60 980 feet and that's about the elevation that the cabin is at now we're going to look at the parcel on Google Earth we turn on the terrain view here you can see this area right here this is right where that cabin is so it is at one of the highest elevation points here.


What personality tests are good, free, and on the internet to fill out?
Many free personality assessments are fun, but not really useful.  It depends on what you are looking for. If the 'test' provides you with results but no way to use the information (no interpretation of your results, no debrief, no access to a trained consultant) then you have data with potentially no understanding, no context or no way to apply the results. Unless you can find the content and consultant on your own you have to consider what you will do with the results.  Finding a 'test' that is based on well known personality constructs and not one that makes up it's own personality factors is generally a better idea. Look for tests that offer you information on how they were created and what they were validated with (if the results are repeatable and how well they measure what they say they are measuring).I use an on-line assessment tool for Jungian Personality type assessment called Typefocus.com  - there is a free version and the option for a more detailed paid result. I have used this assessment for 8 years and find it's validity as good as any out there for measuring Jungian personality type (it uses the same jungian functions as the MBTI, against which it has been validated). The reason I use this assessment is that there is also a lot of data related to personality type available in general and many trained interpreters you can tap into once you obtain your results. I have assessed many, many on-line personality assessments over the years and there are a lot that you can have fun with and others you will find more useful.
How many apartments did you need to lease out to live off rental income?
The factors on this are pretty large.They come down to how much money gets thrown off per unit.For most desirable locations in California, it’s impossible to rent the unit for more than upkeep, plus some margin for disaster.For example, say I have a small house in the $550K range:650-700 Square foot1 BR, 1BAThe property tax on it per year is about $8K, because property tax is very high in California.Say I put 20% dow, leaving a balance of $395K on a mortgageA 30 year mortgage at 3.92% (just checked), gives a monthly payment of $1,868/monthSo $22,416/year to mortgageLet’s round down, that’s $30K/year outlay, not including maintenanceMinimum, I would need to charge $2,500/month rent, just to cover mortgage and government overheadI need 10% on top of that to cover the place potentially being vacant between rentals, that’s $2,750/monthI need another 15% of base rent to cover maintenance • things like broken appliances, gardening, paint, and so on, that’s $3,150/monthNow that’s a little pricey• but it’s a standalone house, rather than an apartment, so that might just be doable.But it’s not throwing off anything for me to live on.What if I have other investments, and instead of taking a mortgage, which will eventually get paid down, I take a 1.9% loan against a line of credit?In that case, I (effectively) have an interest-only loan at $1,440/month, interest-only means I have no cash flow whatsoever.Further, this is going to tie up what I can and can’t do, as far as risk profile, when it comes to my other investments. That’s slightly painful, but maybe I can take it against the low risk portion of my portfolio.That gives me ($1,868 - $1,440) = $428/month positive cash flow. Or about $5,136/year total.But that’s only a 1.3% return on the $395K• for which I’m paying 1.9%. I’m running net $0.6% in the hole• I’m bleeding $2,370/year.In theory, I should be able to make 10% on that capital• 10% of $395K is $39,500.So net, I am facing an opportunity cost of ($39,500 + $2,370) = $41,870-.Now on the plus side, the low risk investments I have to take, instead of the higher yielding one, gets me • let’s be generous: 5% on the $395K on which I took the line of credit. So I get 19,750+ back from that.So now I’m “only” losing $22,120-If I wanted the original $39,500 I would have gotten from investing in nearly anything but a rental house, I’d need to charge another $5,135/month in rent.On that 650-700 square foot property.And people wonder why rent is so high in California.No.You will not be living off renting single family homes in any “hot” areas in California, unless:You already own them outrightYou bought them before the costs went so high that your property taxes were through the roof because of the tax basis (the purchase price of the house)The only way you make a profit on this type of deal is as a long term investment, and the profit happens because of the price appreciation of the property, not because you are making any money as a landlord.That leaves multiple units.It’s possible to make a profit on a multiunit building in a hot market.At a minimum, probably 6 units, better if there are 8 units.Anything less than about 8, and if a major expense comes up: you’re bankrupt.And you have to live in one of them yourself, you don’t get to live elsewhere.Obviously, as others have pointed out, the answer is going to vary wildly, depending on the location.Pick your location, run the numbers.Before you buy someone out on a multiunit building, talk to a tax accountant, and you will likely want a forensic accountant to look at the books for the location as a whole.Because there are probably long term tenants you can’t charge more rent, even as the state of California claims the ground under their feet is now suddenly worth more, I assure you • it isn’t.It’s worth what you can get out of it in cash flow, and that doesn’t go up, merely because the county (and in some cases city) is going to charge you more in property tax than the pervious owner.Good luck with your “retirement”!*(*) “Finger quotes” because if you are the on site manager, you will not be getting much sleep.
Is it legal for a landlord to enter a rental property without notice as long as it is stated in the lease in Colorado?
In my dealings in the state of Colorado (various locations), the answer in general is 'no'. They may not enter without 24 hours notice unless their is a very good reason (fire, flooding, imminent danger to life/property). If they knock on the door without notice, you may refuse entry. And it would appear that clause of the lease is unenforceable as you cannot agree to a condition that violates the law. Counties/cities may choose to adapt the state law but may only do so if the new provision is more strict than those of watered-down state legislation. Check with a local tenant right's advocacy group to get better information or Google the Colorado code and read it.
How do you get out of a rental lease when the landlord refuses to fix anything?
At least in Texas, needed repairs are divided into Habitability Issues and Normal repairs.A landlord is not required to make repairs while a tenant is not current on rent.If the tenant is current on rent, the property must be maintained however it was at the time the lease was signed, or the landlord has voided the lease by his inaction.If you submit a dated, written request for the repair and it doesn’t get fixed, “within a reasonable time”, you have the right to cancel the lease and move out.More accurately, the landlord has already voided the lease by not keeping the property in the same shape as when the lease was signed.While you can’t take off owing any money, you CAN move out despite the lease and not have the landlord come after you for lost rent.You’d want to talk to an attorney about that. It’s not something I’m familiar with, because every landlord I deal with maintains their houses. It not only keeps vacancy time down, but protects their investment.If it’s a habitability issue, you can send a written demand that it be fixed within seven days. There are three options if that doesn’t happen.You can cancel the lease and move out, getting a pro-rated refund of rent already paid. If you’re behind on rent, you could be sued for any rent you left owing, through the day you turn in the keys.You can have the repairs done yourself and deduct the receipts from the rent. Deducted repair cost on a problem can’t exceed one month’s rent. You can do it multiple times if there are multiple issues, though.You can do a “Repair & Remedy” suit in J.P. court. If you win that suit, the judge will issue a court order that the repairs be done, and may charge the landlord with contempt of court if it doesn’t happen.You have to be careful with habitability issues, because if you think something is habitability and it’s not, you could get gigged for some of the actions you take under a wrong assumption.As for problems that are NOT habitability, the landlord must maintain the property in the same condition it was when you rented it [unless you are behind on rent].If you are behind on rent, the landlord isn’t required to make normal repairs until your rent is all caught up, and you are subject to eviction if you withhold rent until an item is fixed.On two occasions, I have evicted tenants for non-payment, because they had the money in the bank but wouldn’t pay the rent with it until some problem was fixed.I explained to them that the landlord is required to maintain a property just as it was when the lease was signed, but not when rent is past due.Ironically, by withholding rent to get something fixed, they had relieved their landlord of the responsibility to fix it, AND now they were going to have an eviction judgment against them, to boot.
How do I open an attachment like rental application that the owner emailed me, open it, fill it out, and send it back to the person’s email. How do I do all that?
This really depends what sort of file it is, but generally:Save a local copy of the file from the email, using the ‘save as• command.Open the local copy in an editor. For PDF files most PDF readers have a limited ability to add text, such as using the ‘form fill• commands. For other document types, you can normally just click on them and edit it. If it’s an image, I’d suggest Paint.net as it’s free and you can add txt to images.One done, save the document and close it.Reply to the email, click add attachment and attach the saved document, then hit send.
What are some free online certifications I can take to fill out my Upwork profile?
I have an Upwork account myself and the best advice I can give you is to take as many of the tests Upwork offers. You have the option of picking and choosing which test results are viewable on your profile, just in case you do not perform as well as you wanted on your first attempt. Ask your satisfied customers to post feedback on your profile. Additionally, you can upload examples of your work which go a long way in lieu of certifications. My experience has been that the majority of those hiring on Upwork are looking for quantity and the lowest price possible, formal education and certifications are secondary considerations.The other piece of advice I would offer, though unsolicited, is this: While Upwork is a convenient and fast way to pick up work, you are paying an exorbitant 20% to the site while being paid pennies on the dollar for the work you complete. I am not completing knocking Upwork, I was able to find a long-term editing position that pays quite fairly there BUT you are worth so much more than the majority of project owners/job posters are willing to offer. With a little time and effort, you will be surprised at the opportunites available to you online. Try googling any of the following, making certain to include the quotation marks, no commas are required: “graphic designer” “$”, “work for us” “graphic designer” “$”, “hiring graphic designer” “$” • you get the idea. Join some online forums dedicated to the field you are in, you will be surprised at the tips and tricks you will pick up from other users, such as here!
Is it better to let your son live rent free in a rental or rent out to tenants?
Let your son live rent free and teach him how to manage his money. The world has significantly changed in the last 30 years. When you were going out on your own a college degree was a pretty BIG deal. Very few people had it. Which meant that even without a college degree you could do okay. Plus 30 years ago there was no internet, no cellphone bills, no Netflix, no video games, no purchasing apps on your cellphone and other online  services screaming for your attention. What this means is two things. 1. Education Has Become Insanely ExpensiveEducation requirements have sky rocketed for young people to get a decent job. You can't just be a college graduate - you have to have a masters, plus you need to have additional certifications to even get started. And if you haven't done a masters you better have an alphabet soup after your name. By the time most college students graduates, they have so much debt that they're hardly able to keep afloat as they come out of school. 2. Too Many Things Asking For Money And AttentionThere are more things pulling at their money. Instead of just being focused on food, shelter, and a good family - they now have a tonne of stuff asking for their attention and money. So the money that you were able to save when you were just starting out - is a lot harder to save now. What I Wish My Dad Taught MeThat being said, there is good chance that since you own your own house, with a rental as well - that you did an excellent job of avoiding the temptations of your time and saving money. This is the advice that would do wonders for him. This is the advice that I wish my dad had taught me when I was growing up. How to make and keep you money. When you have your son living with you it's easier to show him how you do stuff - and then let him choose to do it one way or the other... But if your son is living in a rental - then he has to pay rent, and take care of everything else.... groceries, internet, cellphone, car etc. etc. That being said - don't let him live with you rent free. Talk to him and let him know that you want to help him manage his finances and to help him save his money. Make him put aside the money that he would be paying in rent - as savings. Tell him that his rent is showing you his bank statement at the end of the month with the amount of rent saved. This will give him an opportunity to actually learn to save without the pressure of eviction, or falling behind on his bills. If he does fall behind you can always guide him - and if after a year you see he's doing okay ask him to move out. Tell him this is the next step in becoming a man - which is to move out and get a place of his own.
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