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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Colo. rev. stat. § 13-40-107

Instructions and Help about Colo. rev. stat. § 13-40-107

In order to maximize the production potential of the well the shale formation will be hydraulically fractured in preparation for the fracturing process the casing will be perforated in the horizontal portion of the well using tubing conveyed perforating guns containing explosive charges the perforated intervals are spaced approximately 50 to 80 feet apart and create a connection between the production casing and the shale formation with the initial perforating complete the tubing and perforating guns are pulled to the surface and the workover rig is replaced by a hydraulic fracturing crew consisting of a number of high-pressure pumps and blending equipment this equipment will pump a mixture of water and proppant usually sand through the newly created perforations in the production casing and into the shale formation first water is passed from a water storage impoundment into the blue working tanks depicted on this location the water is then pulled into a hydration unit which provides the ability to gel the fluid before it is transferred to the blender at the blender prompt --nt and a small amount of chemicals that eat in the fracturing process are added the blender transfers the fluid and Proffitt mixture to the pump trucks through the low pressure side of the manifold the fracturing pumps increase the pressure of the fluid sending it back through the high pressure side of the manifold to the frack tree where it enters the well the entire fracturing process is controlled from the treatment monitoring van when the fracturing fluid reaches the perforations pressure builds until the shale formation fractures allowing fluid to enter into the formation additional fractures are created along natural zones of weakness in the shale these fractures are contained within the shale formation well below the ground after an initial stage of fluid called the pad is pumped to create a fracture area proppant is added to the fluid and is distributed throughout the newly created fracture network at the conclusion of the fracturing treatment the prompt --nt allows the fractures to remain open so that the natural gas can flow into the production casing and to the surface this completes the first of several stages in the fracturing process this process is repeated by lowering and pumping down in isolation plug and perforating guns into the wellbore to complete the next stage of fracturing this time the tools are conveyed into the well by a wireline unit which allows the fracturing process to proceed much faster and more efficiently a lubricator is used to control the pressure of the well while the operation is taking place on the bottom of the perforating gun a composite bridge plug is placed to isolate the newly fractured zone this ensures that the subsequent fracturing treatment is contained in the current zone the perforating gun is again fired at roughly 50 to 80 foot intervals creating the connection between the production casing and the Shale formation the fracturing process is then repeated until all of.


Two taps running together can fill a tank in 40/13 hours. If one tap takes 3 hours more than the other to fill the tank, then how much time will each tap take to fill the tank?
Let, one tap can fill the tank in x hrs. So the other tap will take x+3 hrs to fill the tank.Again we can say, in 1 hr, the first tank will fill 1/x part of the tank and the second tap will fill 1/(x+3) part of the tank.So together they can fill 1/x + 1/(x+3) parts. Is it said that they together takes 40/13 hrs to fill the tank.So in 1 hr they together can fill 13/40 part.So,1/x + 1/(3+x) = 13/40i.e. ((3+x) + x)/(3+x)x = 13/40i.e. (3+2x)/(x^2 + 3x) = 13/40i.e. 40(3+2x)=13(x^2 + 3x) (by cross multiplying as x cannot be 0)i.e. 120+80x = 13x^2 + 39xi.e. 13x^2 - 41x -120 = 0 (by bringing all terms to one side)Factorising, we get,(13x + 24) (x-5) = 0So either x= -24/13 or x= 5Snce x cannot be negative, so x=5 is the answer.So the taps can fill the tank in 5 hrs and 8 hrs (x+3 i.e. 5+3) respectively.
How do I go about calculating the amount of a solution at 40% I'll need to add a solution of 13.5% to bring it to 25%? I've already worked it out through intultion+trial and error, but I'd like to know the formula behind it.
A formula will depend upon more information, specifically the units of solution you are working with. If you have X liters of 40% solution and you’re trying to find how many Y liters of 13.5% solution to add to it in order to make (X + Y) liters of 25% solution, the general formula will look something like this:0.4(X) + 0.135(Y) = 0.25(X +Y). This equation can’t be solved right now except as a relation of X in terms of Y or vice-versa. If you have a value for X or Y (some unit to start with), the equation becomes very simple to solve and you’ll find your answer right away.
How is this a scam? Friend got offered $40 (cash) to cash out a check for a stranger. The “to” line was blank and they told him to fill in his own name. How does this benefit the scammers once it gets deposited in his bank account? Who’s at fault?
Banks prvery quick ‘clearing• of checks so you can access the funds, but if you read the fine print the check hasn’t actually cleared until some considerable time later.So the Scam works like thisI pay you $40 to do me the favorI give you a check for $1000 for you to cash for me with the Payee blankYou fill in your name cash the check and see $1000 in you accountYou give me the $1000A week later the originating bank confirms the check is not valid and your bank reverses out the $1000Your bank charges you a bad check fee and suggests you contact me for paymentYou find out I have vanished up a net $960 of your money
How many days of the week should I work out? I'm 13 and I do 150 push-ups, 200 sit-ups, 40 sit-ups to each side, 25 flies, 50 curls, 50 jump squats and 25 dumbbell squats. I'm 5'4" and 105lbs. How many days per week should I do this?
It all depends on what your goals are. If you are just wanting to stay fit and toned then this is a good approach. If you are looking to gain muscle size, shape, and mass then this will not get you there. This approach will keep you looking good and feeling healthy. To gain mass you need fewer reps with he heaviest weights you can lift.Hope this helps.
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