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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Colorado 30 day notice law

Instructions and Help about Colorado 30 day notice law

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My landlord is kicking us out with 30 days notice sent over text. Is this legal?
My landlord is kicking us out with 30 days notice sent over text. Is this legal? What are your options if your landlord tells you one week before my one year lease ends that he won't let you renew can you stay longer to prepare to move out? Does our landlord need to give us notice if they do NOT want to renew the lease, and want us out by lease end? Los Angeles, CA - We've been here for 2 years, did not intend on moving, Landlord says we have 20 days to be out. My Grandma's Landlord collected rent from her yesterday, but told her today she has 3 months to move out so that he can move his relatives from overseas into her apartment. Can she take him to court over this? How many warnings (and what kind) does your landlord have to give you before evicting you for hosting on Airbnb in San Francisco? How long after an eviction do I have to return a tenant’s belongings? Are all aspects of a lease renewed if the lease does not contain an automatic renewal clause but the tenant continues to pay their rent for years? Do landlords require to run a background check on your partner if he/she happens to move-in with you even if the lease is under your name? Do I have to let a former tenant come get their stuff? They moved without notice more than 30 days ago and will not return house keys and garage opener until they get their things. I am in Oklahoma.
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